Perl Careers

Open Source Careers started as Perl Careers, and we still sponsor (and advertise at) Perl conferences under that name, not least of which because I still love our Perl Careers logo.

Perl Careers logo

I’m a CPAN and GitHub contributor, and BackPan tells me that when Jan 1st 2000 rolled around, I uploaded a Perl module to the CPAN instead of recovering from a hangover like most normal 17 year olds… Perl is still my absolute go-to language, and I rack up an awful lot of airmiles attending Perl conferences all around the world.

The other pages on this site go in to depth about why you might want to work with me to fill vacancies or to find a job, and give a background and general introduction, but this page exists because I’ve been a Perl programmer for almost 20 years, took time off high-school to speak at the first YAPC in Europe, and to reassure you that if you’re a Perl developer, or you’re hiring Perl developers, you’re in the right place! (although I did need somewhere to point the domain at)